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FAQ from Midwest Driveshaft

Servicable VS. Non-Serviceable welds

in the image below. You can see the difference between a non-serviceable friction weld (above) and a serviceable regular weld (below)

Question: Should I fix a driveshaft myself or take it to a specialist?

At Midwest Driveshaft quite often customers will bring us drive shafts that the customer has replaced a mid ship bearing or one or more u-joints. The most common complaint we hear from these customers is "Why does the shaft still vibrate?" Well, there are a number of reasons this happens.

Most domestic drive shafts will develop vibrations about half way into the vehicles life span, say around 100,000 miles. Our feeling is this is due to the high amount of horse power on domestic vehicles and the additional stress created by overdrive transmissions.

Light duty auto and truck drive shafts tend to develop vibrations due to wearing of components. If not corrected this may eventually lead to drive shaft failure.

Drive shafts can also become bent (out of round). This is quite common in two piece designs. If a mid ship bearing in a two piece shaft is replaced and the spline is not straightened the shaft will continue to vibrate. If u-joints are replaced on these shafts the center line of the shaft is often changed due to slight differences in the u-joints. Hence an out of center line condition may exist. These shafts need to be balanced to eliminate vibration.

One common misconception is that driveshafts are manufactured without the u-joints installed. Customers will bring us a shaft, minus the u-joints, asking us to rebalance or modify. The u-joints are a critical element in the manufacturing and balancing of all drive shafts. Good quality, preferably new, u-joints are required in the balancing, manufacturing and modifying of drive shafts. Please note that aftermarket u-joints and mid ship bearings quite often do not hold factory required tolerances thus they are not a "good deal". To help clarify factory recommended tolerance, please note that mid ship bearings should be .003" or less on run out and tubing should be .02" or less. We at Midwest Driveshaft like to see tubing at .01" or less.

If drive shafts are beyond the above specifications we have two options to correct the resulting bent (out of round) condition.

Option 1: Re straighten where the bend exists.

Option 2: Re tube the shaft.

Answer: If you have the option of taking your drive shaft to a specialist. It would be the wisest choice.

Midwest Driveshaft Policies

Customer Responsibility
It is the customer's responsibility to provide Midwest Driveshaft, Inc. with accurate measurements and any other applicable information pertaining to their orders. We highly recommend that our customers complete the applicable sheet from our Services section of this website in order to do this.

The customer is solely responsible for determining the suitability of products used on any modified vehicle and for installation of all products purchased from Midwest Driveshaft, Inc.


Midwest Driveshaft Inc., driveshafts come with a Limited One Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty. This warranty applies to the original vehicle owner on which the driveshaft was installed. This warranty does not extend to custom new shafts, commercial and industrial accounts, snow plows or landscape vehicles. This warranty is limited to product replacement only of parts we supply, and does not cover any other expense. This warranty is given in lieu of all other expressed warranties and may not be altered.


In the event that a product needs to be returned to Midwest Driveshaft Inc., customers must contact our office for an RGA number. Requests for returns must be made within 30 days of the original invoice date and must be received within 15 days of receipt of an RGA number.

Custom built drive shafts may only be returned if Midwest Driveshaft Inc. made an error during assembly. Should this occur, Midwest Driveshaft Inc., will make the correction free of charge and pay any related shipping charges. Returns made due to customer errors will be repaired at a discount. Customer will be responsible for related shipping charges.


Products damaged by accident, abuse, improper use or installation, or off road purposes are not covered under warranty. Midwest Driveshaft, Inc. shall determine whether a part is defective or not.

Payment Policy

Payment is required prior to shipping.

Midwest Driveshaft, Inc. accepts the following types of payments:

Visa, Master Card, Debit Card, Cash, Money Orders, Certified and Cashier checks.

Core Return Policy

Cores must be returned within 30 days, must be rebuildable and all parts must be intact in order to receive credit.
Reduced credit or No Credit for:
Missing or damaged slip yoke: Slip yoke must be present, not have damaged ears, or worn surface.
CV assemblies must be in tact or rebuildable
Flanges must be present and undamaged
Missing or Cracked H Yokes
Tubing must Be undented and unbent. Tubing must not have excessive weathering or scale, must not be pitted or have holes.
Completely disassembled cores will be credited at 50% of normal value

Accuracy of Information
At Midwest Driveshaft we do our best to publish clear and accurate information. All published material including but not limited to our website is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but we do not guarantee that the information will be completely accurate therefore the author, publisher, company, and owner will not be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies published.

Website Promotional Pricing

We can offer our low website pricing because of the level of automation our internet system brings us. We may not match website pricing in store on some items because of the extra labour involved with processing the order.

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